Goddess of Marriage – Drama Korea

Drama Korea terbaru kini muncul. Goddess of Marriage memaparkan kisah rumahtangga 4 orang wanita yang berlainan. Berlakunya konflik rumah tangga masing-masing. Bagaimana cara mereka berdepan segala konflik yang timbul? Haa..kena tengok kalau nak tahu.

Sinopsis Goddess of Marriage

A drama about four women in different stages of marriage with different values and philosophies of love and conflicts finding the true meaning and the importance of marriage through the story.

Song Ji Hye (Nam Sang Mi), an assertive radio writer, dreams of an ideal love but finds herself embroiled in a love triangle between two good men, architect Kim Hyun Woo (Lee Sang Woo) and prosecutor Kang Tae Wook (Kim Ji Hoon). Hong Hye Jung (Lee Tae Ran) is a mother of two who used to work as a television announcer and is married to Tae Wook’s older brother (Kim Jung Tae) and must always maintain the refined appearances expected of a Cheongdam-dong daughter-in-law.

Song Ji Sun (Jo Min Soo) is Ji Hye's older sister and is a supermom to three kids who rules over her meek husband (Kwon Hae Hyo). Kwon Eun Hee (Jang Young Nam) also is a wife and mother who suddenly discovers that her husband (Jang Hyun Sung) is cheating on her. How will these women behave in their respective predicaments?

Gambar Goddess of Marriage

Goddess of Marriage – Drama Korea. sinopsis Goddess of Marriage. gambar Goddess of Marriage. pelakon Goddess of Marriage

Pelakon Goddess of Marriage

Tae Wook - Ji Hye - Hyun Woo
Nam Sang Mi - Song Ji Hye
Kim Ji Hoon - Kang Tae Wook
Lee Sang Woo - Kim Hyun Woo
Hye Jung - Tae Jin Couple
Lee Tae Ran - Hong Hye Jung
Kim Jung Tae - Kang Tae Jin
Ji Sun - Jang Soo Couple
Jo Min Soo - Song Ji Sun
Kwon Hae Hyo - Noh Jang Soo
Eun Hee - Seung Soo Couple
Jang Young Nam - Kwon Eun Hee
Jang Hyun Sung - Noh Seung Soo

Saksikan drama Korea: Goddess of Marriage
Jumlah episod: 36 episod
Hari: Isnin hingga Jumaat
Jam: 2.25 petang hingga 3.40 petang
Saluran: Astro One HD 393


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