Fungsi bio health heater

Ingat tak sebelum ni Yumida ada sharing pasal bio health heater? Haa..sini Yumida sertakan fungsi atau kegunaan bio health heater ni secara terperinci. Mana tahu, ada sesiapa yang kurang pasti fungsi bio health heater ni, boleh cari info kat sini.

Fungsi bio health heater, kegunaan bio health heater
 Bio health heater
Harga: RM12.00

(1) Relief from Muscular pains during/after exercise or other sports activities.
(2) Keeps muscles warm after exercise or other sports activities.
(3) Relief from back-ache and other body aches.
(4) Keeps the bed and body warm when used as a bed heater.
(5) Helps in physical therapy.
(6) Convenient as a travelling companion.
(7) For the adventurous, can be taken along when going on Camping, Fishing, Mountaineering and other winter leisures & sports.
(8) Can be used as Cold Pack as well when refrigerated -
(a) Relief from fever
(b) Relief from burns
(c) Relief from muscular and body swelling pains.

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